Visit to Myanmar Spirulina

Visit to Myanmar Spirulina, December 19-23, 2013. June Pharmaceuticals is one of the world’s largest producers of spirulina from both natural lakes and production ponds. The company produces about 200 tons of spirulina per year and offers a variety of healthy innovative products including supplements, extracts, cosmetics, herbal products, biofertilizer and spirulina beer. See slideshow Myanmar Spirulina.

Myanmar Farm
At June Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd Spirulina Production Farm and Factory in Sagaing. Founder and Director Dr. Min Thein, along with Robert Henrikson and management. December 20, 2013.
Mandalay University
Robert Henrikson presents at University of Mandalay “Evolution of Scalable Algae Production and New Business Models”. December 20, 2013.
Tywn Taung LakeNatural spirulina lake Twyn Taung with spirulina pond production facility. December 21, 2013.

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