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The principals each have over 30 years’ experience in the algae industry. They are well known through their popular books, blogs, videos and articles on algae and agriculture, and speak at algae business and other conferences. They serve on several boards as scientific advisors and frequently contribute to food and energy publications.

The principals collaborated on the International Algae Competition, a global challenge to design visionary algae food and energy systems, building an online global community through social media. The Competition provides a unique market research tool to develop smart microfarms and will spawn several books, videos and worldwide exhibitions. Smart Microfarms will launch to thousands of potential users worldwide.

Algae Competition
Through 2012-13, consumer and commercial microfarms and bioreactors have been installed in California and Washington, testing scalable microfarm design and remote monitoring and sensing systems. These initial systems are intended for urban community gardens, greenhouse growers and small farmers.
SpiruSource Products
Promotional outreach with articles, presentations at conferences, schools and communities, and building online community through four established websites,, and, current Facebook page and Youtube channel and online interviews with blogs and social media. The new full color book “Algae Microfarms” was published in August 2013.

As the business evolves it will mimic the Smart Microfarms distributed network business model. will offer expert cloud consulting for the entire network of microfarm platforms distributed globally. Smart Microfarm technology will be contracted with companies that the principals have already identified through their strong relationships in the algae and technology industries. The principals and algae experts will contract and train technicians for day-to-day operations, sales and consultation.

The principals are in discussion with manufacturers and distributors representing thousands of outlets in the hydroponic, garden, and grow shop industry. Urban gardening, hydroponics, and herb cultivation are rapidly growing industries and these sophisticated growers will embrace high-value microcrops. In parallel, the principals have made R&D proposals to investors and organizations for contracts for smart microfarms. This research will provide revenue streams while developing smart microfarm units and support technology.

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