Robert Henrikson

Robert HenriksonGreen Business Entrepreneur. Over 30 years experience in green business development in diverse fields such as algae, bamboo and natural resources. Advises algae companies and investors in algae business development and strategies.

CEO of Smart Microfarms, scalable microalgae systems for community, urban and rooftop gardens and algae entrepreneurs. Founded International Algae Competition in 2010. Published “Imagine Our Algae Future” in 2012 and “Algae Microfarms” in 2013. Presents at conferences, writes for industry media, produces educational videos. Voted Algae Ambassador in Algae Industry Magazine 2015 International Readers Poll.

For 20 years, Robert was President of Earthrise Company, pioneer in spirulina algae. He founded the first US commercial algae farm and developed Earthrise® Spirulina and Green Superfood brand products in the USA and 30 countries. Published the book “Earth Food Spirulina” translated and published into 7 international editions and published “Spirulina World Food” in 2010.

PO Box 71024, Richmond, CA 94807 USA. • PO Box 909, Hana, Maui, Hawaii, 96713 USA.
Email: • cell: (808) 264.8184.

CEO Smart Microfarms. 2011-Present.
Smart Microfarms is developing scalable microalgae systems for community, urban and rooftop farms and for algae entrepreneurs to grow high value algae food products that are local, sustainable and profitable. Operating commercial microfarm in SF Bay Area CA and marketing SpiruSource products. Microfarm testbed in Olympia WA.

Published “Algae Microfarms”. 2013.
Microfarms for home, school, community and urban gardens, rooftop, mobile and vertical farms and living buildings.

Published “Imagine Our Algae Future”. 2012.
Reviews algae production, products and potential today and showcases some of the amazing visions of our future from the International Algae Competition.

Founder, International Algae Competition. 2010-Present.
The 2011 International Algae Competition is a global challenge to design visionary algae food and energy systems: algae landscape designs, algae production systems, new algae foods.

Founder, Algae Alliance. 2009-Present.
Advising algae companies and investors in algae business ventures. Algae Alliance is a network of independent algae consultants in commercial production, processing, product development, marketing and sales.

Green Business Entrepreneur and President, Ronore Enterprises Inc. 1988–Present.
Business Entrepreneur. Green Marketing, Communication, Publishing, Media. Advisor and consultant to companies and non-profits, including business development, branding, sales, marketing and media strategy. Author and publisher of books, DVDs.

CFO, Harmony Festival, Inc. 2009-2011.
Northern California’s premier music, art, ecology, camping and progressive lifestyle celebration for the past 33 years at Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa CA.

Published “Bamboo Architecture in Competition and Exhibition”. 2011.
Fascinating bamboo buildings and designs from the International Bamboo Building Design Competition and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Published “Spirulina World Food”. 2010.
Definitive popular reference book about spirulina algae. Translated into 7 international editions: Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Korean, Burmese.

Published “Visionary Bamboo Designs for an Ecological Future”. 2008.
This book represents the best 50 bamboo building designs of the International Bamboo Building Design Competition.

Created International Bamboo Building Design Competition. 2006–2008.
An Architecture Design Competition of Structural Bamboo Buildings: “Visionary Designs for Ecological Living”. Registrants from 64 countries, 250 submitted architectural designs.

CEO, Bamboo Technologies. 2003–2008.
Bamboo Technologies is the world leader in international code certified bamboo buildings. First to build engineered, manufactured bamboo homes in the USA. Green buildings for all climates. Bamboo Living® Homes trademark.

Published “Folding Time and Space at Burning Man” DVD. 2002–Present.
Documentary video producer and DVD author and publisher.
Panoramic photographer:

Co-Owner, Hana Palms Retreat. 2001–Present.
Botanical paradise retreat at Hana Gardenland in Hana Maui. Botanical gardens, vacation retreats, agricultural and eco tourism.

CEO, 2000–2002.
E-commerce technology for B2C, B2E and B2B marketing and printing: customizable personalized design and order systems for printed products, business cards, promotional materials.

Co-Owner, Wild Thyme Farm. 1988–Present.
Sustainable forestry and permaculture farming eco-community. 150 acres of farm, forest and retreat center near Olympia Washington.

President, Earthrise Company. 1981–1999. ‎Spirulina Biography.
Pioneer in cultivating and marketing spirulina algae, a green superfood. Built world’s largest spirulina farm in Califormia. Marketed Earthrise® brand in USA and 30 countries.

Published “Earth Food Spirulina”. 1989–1999.
How this remarkable blue-green algae can transform your health and our planet”. 5 USA editions 1989-1999. Translated and published in 6 international language editions.

Princeton University. BA, International Politics. 1966–1970.