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Smart Microfarms provides scalable modular algae microfarms.
These adaptable platforms can transform any small food growing area into higher income generating food products. Smart algae microfarms are suitable additions to new or existing home, community and urban gardens, rooftop and mobile and vertical farms and living buildings. Although large commercial algae farms typically select hot sunny regions, smart microfarms will be effective in a wider range of temperate climates.

HMB Microfarm
Based on our experience testing the technology and equipment, Smart Microfarms is able to offer complete, modular, algae microfarm components shipped to any location in North America to be assembled under the supervision of our construction specialists. The client can have installed an algae microfarm that is profitable, reliable and environmentally sustainable. The entire design, procurement, shipment, installation, start-up, training and ongoing monitoring can be managed under the quality control of Smart Microfarms.

Rooftop Farms
Urban gardens and rooftop farms offer potential sites for algae microfarms. Pictured here are Uncommon Ground in Chicago, Urban Farmers in Basel, Brooklyn Grange in New York.

The company provides professional consulting services from preliminary site assessment through system design, delivery, installation supervision start-up and long term technical support. Other services include feasibility studies, commercial and technical analysis, business planning for prospective enterprises and evaluation of existing facilities.

Our experience and specialization is in scalable algae microfarms and we can help terrestrial, hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouse farms diversify their income stream with high-value algae food products.

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