Smart Microfarms is developing and installing scalable microalgae systems for community, urban and rooftop gardens and for algae entrepreneurs to grow high value algae products that are local, sustainable and profitable.
Smart Microfarm technology will empower people globally to grow high value healthy food for the needs of their community locally using sustainable and affordable inputs.

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The popular movements of local food security, food self-sufficiency and small scale urban and community gardening are challenged. Growing vegetables may be satisfying but not financially sustaining. Prices for conventional foods are so low that small growers cannot earn a living or support themselves and their families growing food. Small farmers just aren’t making it now.

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For 30 years microalgae like spirulina have attracted a global consumer market as therapeutic superfood supplements. As nutrient dense foods with unusual phytonutrients, consuming small amounts, 3 grams daily, will boost immune function, enhance detoxification, restore beneficial intestinal flora, improve neurological function and rally the body’s own healing response. These superfoods, sold as dietary supplements, have very high market value.
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Microalgae are known to be over 20 times more productive per area than terrestrial crops. Algae can be harvested continuously – every day – during the growing season. But to achieve this breakthrough productivity, successful algae cultivation and systems operations have trained and experienced algae experts and PhDs on location. The knowledge level required meant expensive staffing and infrastructure were only available to large commercial farms funded by big investments. Small farms and inexperienced growers could not take advantage of algae’s productivity because they could not maintain stable algae cultures — until recently.

Today, things are changing. Successful systems have been simplified with lower cost of entry. Profitable business models for small growers already exist. Using Smart Microfarm technology, automation and web-based monitoring systems reduce the need for expensive experts on site.

Smart Monitoring

This Smart technology combined with modular growing systems will make it feasible to deploy containerized microfarms anywhere in the world without onsite expert personnel. Remote monitoring enables a single laboratory to support a large number of deployed units. The large user database feeds grower experience into the algae operating system that provides an advanced learning system that offers process automation and a system for grower guidance.

Smart Microfarms mimic nature while growing algae, integrating light and intelligent technology. These adaptable platforms transform solar energy, CO2 and nutrients into products that support health and vitality of people, animals, and plants. Smart Microfarms can extend the natural growing season, and offer the possibility of truly climate independent foods.

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