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Robert HenriksonRobert Henrikson is CEO of Smart Microfarms, offering scalable microalgae systems for home, school and community gardens, urban, rooftop and vertical farms to grow high value food that is local, sustainable and profitable.

For 35 years Robert has been an entrepreneur in algae, bamboo and natural resources. A pioneer in algae production and marketing, he was founder and director of Earthrise Farms, world’s largest spirulina algae farm. For 20 years as President of Earthrise Company, he promoted Earthrise® Spirulina and superfoods in 30 countries. He authored Earth Food Spirulina in 1989, translated in 7 international editions.

Robert founded Algae Alliance in 2009, and is a consultant to companies and investors in algae ventures, presents at conferences, writes for industry media and produced over 20 educational videos. In 2010, he founded the International Algae Competition, attracting 140 remarkable entries from 40 countries. Publications: “Spirulina World Food” (2010). “Bamboo Architecture” (2011). “Imagine Our Algae Future” (2012) based on the International Algae Competition. “Algae Microfarms” (2013). Voted Algae Ambassador in Algae Industry Magazine 2015 International Readers Poll.

EdwardsMark Edwards served for 22 years as CEO of TEAMS International, the advanced assessment, software and technology firm he founded. Mark served as lead consultant for over 600 organizations globally in advanced metrics, leadership assessment and development, and new product development. The Financial Times named Mark one of the top 50 CEO coaches. TEAMS won the Inc. 500 Award and then sold to an international consultancy in 1998. Mark has taught strategic marketing, leadership, sustainability, and entrepreneurship at Arizona State University since 1978. Mark advises food, energy, and technology companies on strategy, structure, and technology. Mark has published over 100 articles and 18 books that span business and science disciplines. Green Algae Strategy won the 2009 Independent Publisher Gold Medal for best science book. Abundance: Sustainable fossil-free Foods win the 2011 Gold Medal for best book on the environment. Several of Mark’s 9 books in the Green Algae Strategy series are used in colleges and universities in over 26 countries.

Rafael QuezadaRafael Quezada, Founder and Executive Director of the Rootstock Foundation. Rafael designed the first supermarket rooftop farm in a city (New Orleans) and was the conceptualist and building designer for the Aquaponic Greenhouse at Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet High School in Los Angeles, which won two Aspen Challenge Awards (Aspen Institute), in 2013 and 2015. Rafael’s lifelong passion for the environment, children, education and nutrition engage his time and attention. He dedicates himself daily to the process of raising awareness about food purity issues, beginning with the first one thousand days of infant development but also extending through a rich and rewarding lifetime of nutritional discovery and intellectual enrichment. An artist, Rafael’s area of focus at St. Mary’s College and University at Moraga and Mills College, Oakland was design and construction of monumental sculpture in public spaces. As a student, he was featured in large outdoor exhibits and in conjunction with concerts in parks, forests, and even suspended over water. As a conscious adult, putting to work similar planning, he seeks to develop a metropolitan-scaled network of pure-foods agriculture, remotely monitored and quality-controlled.

BuehrerMark Buehrer, Founder and Director, 2020 ENGINEERING is a professional civil engineer, author, inventor and the founder and director of 2020 ENGINEERING. Since 1995, 2020 ENGINEERING has been at the forefront of the research and development of sustainable methods, systems, and infrastructures that reduce capital and operating costs, recycle and reduce material consumption and waste, restore and protect ecological systems, and create and maintain healthy communities. Mark’s sustainable and low impact designs include: rainwater harvesting systems, ecologically based wastewater treatment & water reuse systems including constructed wetlands and Living Machines, urine diversion (nutrient recycling), urban agriculture, permeable pavements, raingardens, material recycling & composting facilities. Mark is a founding board member of the International Living Future Institute and current board member of the Cascadia Green Building Council, and a Professional Stakeholder of the Seattle 2030 District.

Benjamin BrantBenjamin Brant is CEO of Ecoponex Systems, Controlled Environment Agriculture to minimize water, energy, fertilizer and land usage. Benjamin has 36 years award-winning experience in energy, water, waste, environmental and sustainable development. Founded companies – Watergy, Microgy, Byogy Renewables and Planetec, focusing on produced water, advanced biofuels, utility efficiency, pollution prevention, land use management and resource conservation. Certified as an Energy/Environmental Mgr. and Certified Cogeneration Professional by the Ass. of Energy Engineers and by the American Institute of Certified Planners. B.S. Environmental Design/Landscape Architecture, U OF AZ (1974) – M.S. Urban and Regional Planning, U of CO (1978).

Smart microfarm technology and systems is being contracted with technology companies that the principals have identified through their strong relationships in the algae and technology industries. The principals and algae experts will contract and train technicians for day-to-day operations, sales and consultation.

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