Algae Industry Evolution

Algae Industry Evolution and Competition

Over the past 30 years, the algae industry has evolved as a series of large proprietary commercial production companies for high value food and feed products, supplements and nutraceuticals.

Commercial Farms
Recently, well-funded ventures are attempting to develop commercial biofuels. Algae biofuels require huge investments to achieve necessary economies of scale. Large-scale business models require algae experts and PhDs on location, as well as sophisticated and expensive staffing and infrastructure. Considerable competition exists in large algae production systems, but no firms have yet targeted the small but scalable distributed model.

One of the most common requests over the past 30 years has been “How can I grow algae?” Gardeners, farmers and algapreneurs want to grow algae but don’t have the scientific expertise, experience and knowledge. No service currently exists that offers a path to successfully grow and produce algae products. A few entrepreneurial growers have emerged, mostly below the public radar in countries like France, growing spirulina algae in outdoor covered greenhouses, because of its relative ease of cultivation. Parallel to open systems, has been R&D for small-scale enclosed, high-tech biofactories designed to grow algae under more controlled conditions.

French Farms
The market needs adaptable microfarm platforms that growers can afford. Smart Microfarms will provide kits, training, ongoing materials and grower guidance, an operating system and a global service network for algapreneurs, cooperatives, community gardens, NGOs and relief organizations enabling production of algae based food, feedstock, and valuable co-products to be produced locally, nearly anywhere in the world.

The next extraordinary algae business is the diffusion of small, scalable, decentralized networks of algae growers and producers. Smart Microfarms will develop adaptable microcrop platforms and technology support systems. Over several years, the principals have developed the value proposition, establishing collaborations with experienced algae scientists, technology companies and strategic partners, operating and testing models and equipment and investigating marketing and distribution channels. Smart Microfarms is engaging key contractors and business partners to accomplish major objectives quickly and generate immediate revenue streams.

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Algae Industry Evolution and Competition
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