Mark Edwards and Robert Henrikson serve on the Science and Industry Advisory Board of Algae Industry Magazine and are regular contributors of articles on algae.

Dr. Mark Edwards writes a popular series on the state of algae production Algae 101 for Algae Industry


Robert Henrikson has written a seven part series Spirulina Special Report for Algae Industry


Current and historical videos about algae production systems and food products.
How To Eat Fresh Spirulina in Aquamole Dips. 2011.
International Algae Competition. 2010.
Commercial Farm in Thailand. 2010.
Family Spirulina Farm in France. 2002.
Spirulina Algae Picnic in the South of France. 2002.
Tour Earthrise Farm in California. 1996.
Village Spirulina Farm in West Africa. 1989.
First Commercial Spirulina Farm in California. 1983.

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Publications, books and news.
Freedom Foods, Spirulina Special Report, Spirulina World Food, ASU Professor Sees Algae’s Promise, New Products from Algae, Green Solar Gardens, Green Algae Strategy Series, Spirulina Business in America, Biofuels from Algae?, Green Algae Strategy, Earthfood Spirulina, Support to the Algae Industry.