Spirulina World Food 2021

How this micro algae can transform your health and our planet – 2021 Edition.

by Robert Henrikson Available at

The complete guide to a powerful food that can help rebuild our health and restore our environment.

Since 1989, Earth Food Spirulina has been called the definitive popular reference book about spirulina. This 2021 edition of Spirulina • World Food has been updated by the author, Robert Henrikson. He has pioneered algae as a world resource for 40 years, and was the President of the leading algae company and a director of the world’s largest spirulina farm.

This easy-to-read book has 400 color photos, graphs and tables. It takes the reader on a step-by-step adventure:

• Clean green eneergy for vibrant health using this superfood.
• Scientific discoveries revealing health and medical benefits.
• How algae is ecologically grown, delivering more nutrition per acre than any other food.
• Growing in developing world villages, harvesting from lakes and new microfarm algaepreneurs.
• How spirulina uses land and water more efficiently than other crops to benefit our climate.
• How big investments in algae will grow food, its bio-packaging and a dazzling array of new products.
• Algae schemes and dreams in a circular bioeconomy to restore and regreen our planet.

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Earth Food Spirulina and Spirulina World Food International Editions.

Spirulina World Food contents

1. Rediscovery of a 3.5 billion year old immortal lifeform
2. A nutrient rich super food for super health
3. Enjoy clean green energy for vibrant health
4. New research reveals health benefits
5. The variety of products around the world
6. How spirulina is ecologically grown
7. Spirulina in the developing world
8. Algae’s impact on food, agriculture and climate
9. Microalgae’s role in restoring our planet
A: Quality and Safety Standards
B: Personal Journey
C: Bibliography and References


Spirulina Smart Microfarm

By Robert Henrikson, CEO, Smart Microfarms

Welcome to our Smart Microfarm greenhouse just south of San Francisco. The first spirulina farm in Northern California.

Here we grow spirulina, a blue-green algae, year round, in a controlled environment greenhouse.

All naturally grown. No pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, non-GMO. 100% vegetarian.

In a small area, fast-growing microalgae, like the superfood spirulina, can produce higher income than growing conventional food, herbs or vegetables.

Spirulina is harvested several times a week. The fresh harvest collects on a microscreen like a creamy yogurt. It can be frozen or dehydrated.

We package and distribute SpiruSource® fresh harvest, fresh frozen, and low temperature dried crunchies and powder.

These healthy superfoods are sold in select local natural food stores. Also in farmers markets, direct-to-consumer, juice bars and online.

Successful small-scale algae cultivation is now practical. With web-based remote sensors and controls developed by Smart Microfarms, remote experts can guide local operators, without the cost of onsite algae scientists.

This breakthrough, combined with scalable, modular growing systems, means algae microfarms – like this – can be installed anywhere in the world.

Smart algae microfarms are a new opportunity for small scale and urban farming in greenhouses with hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems.

For more, see

First Northern California Spirulina Farm, Half Moon Bay CA
Produced by Robert Henrikson © 2018 Robert Henrikson


Rainbow Grocery Farm Week

Smart Microfarms presented SpiruSource Fresh Frozen Spirulina products during Farm Week at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco CA. Rainbow Grocery is a well known worker-owned cooperative serving San Francisco and the Bay Area since 1975. ( Along with being a local, independent grocery store, Rainbow is a resource for the community to exchange information about the health and sustainability of the foods we eat. Rainbow is celebrating Cesar Chavez Day by honoring the farm workers and farmers who bring the foods to our tables.

Rainbow Farm Week

Rainbow Demo


3D Bioprint Chocolate-Spirulina

3D bioprinting chocolate-spirulina demo party by in Santa Clara California November 30 featured fresh spirulina from Smart Microfarms Half Moon Bay Farm and presentation by Robert Henrikson. Sponsored by for teachers and educators.

Workshop Overview:

Chocolate printing is gaining momentum since the advent of 3D printing technology. Discover how chocolate’s chemistry can affect printability and how you can now integrate 3D printing technology and concepts into your food  / bioscience classroom. 

Special guest: Robert Henrikson from Smart Microfarm to talk about Spirulina – the Superfood you can’t live without

Discover how you can create a truly guilt-free and healthy chocolate with Spirulina! 3D printed chocolate-spirulina tastes just like chocolate! 

Mayasari Lim demonstrating SE3D. Robert Henrikson presenting spirulina.
Spirusource fresh spirulina and chocolate-spirulina snacks. Bioprinting a heart.
A bioprinting food workshop for teachers and educators.


Agriculture: Ancient Ways&Today

Rafael Quezada (Executive Director of The Rootstock Foundation) interviews agriculture experts and explores ancient methods of farming that can be applied to the world’s current industrial agricultural needs. Explores Aquaponics, Spirulina Algae, Cannabis.

This short video documentary about new solutions through aquaponics, algae and cannabis cultivation features an interview at our spirulina microfarm in Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco and interview with Robert Henrikson at 2:50 – 3:58 minutes.

Agriculture Video


Food Funded Fair

Robert Henrikson presented “Smart Algae Microfarms”

at Food Funded, May 5, in San Francisco CA at the Presidio.


Food Funded

FOOD INVESTOR FAIR: The Sixth Annual Bay Area Food Investor Fair

Forum for impact and food investors to meet select food entrepreneurs and hear pre-screened investment opportunities. Prior investments have ranged from $25K to $10M.

2:00pm – 6:00pm
Entrepreneur presentations, feedback
Networking in exhibit hall, award presentations


Sustainatopia Conference

Robert Henrikson presented “Are Algae Microfarms the Future of Urban Farming?”

at Sustainatopia, May 2-4 in San Francisco CA.




The world of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), mission-based business, impact investing, social enterprise, and technology will gather this May at Sustainatopia, the premier green business conference. One of the largest conferences in the U.S. for social, financial and environmental sustainability + impact, Sustainatopia offers over 250 speakers from around the country.

This year’s conference offers six tracks:
• Ecosystem of Impact + SRI Investing
• Sustainable Strategies & Innovation (Fortune 500 Companies)
• Clean Technology & Smart Cities
• Empowering Women Through Investment – Health & Impact Tech
• Millennials 100
• Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability (LOHAS)


AIM International Readers Poll Winner

AIM Readers PollSmart Microfarms is the winner of Algae Industry Magazine 2015 International Readers Poll in the category “Algae Microfarm”.

The Algae Industry Magazine International Readers’ Poll mission is to 1. Recognize and reward innovation and excellence, 2. Convey who and what make a difference, 3. Celebrate innovative people, companies, technology.

AIM Algae Microfarm

Smart Microfarms– Richmond, California-based Smart Microfarms may be the future of greenhouse, hydroponic and urban farming. Microfarms offer scalable microalgae growing systems for school, urban, rooftop and vertical farms to grow high value food that is local, sustainable and profitable. Now in a small area, fast-growing microalgae, like spirulina, can produce higher income for growers than conventional vegetables and herbs.

Successful small-scale algae cultivation is now practical. Web-based remote sensors and controls developed by Robert Henrikson, CEO of Smart Microfarms, provide the expertise that guides local operators without the cost of onsite algae scientists. Scalable, modular growing systems allow microfarms to be installed anywhere. In this decade, 120 spirulina microfarmers have blossomed in France, demonstrating a new business model for how small growers innovate and build local and regional markets. For nearly 40 years Robert Henrikson has been an algae entrepreneur, a pioneer in spirulina production and marketing.

Readers PollAlgae Industry Magazine Readers’s Poll Winner in these categories:

Algae Ambassador – Robert Henrikson
Improved Planet Contributions – International Algae Competition
Algae Microfarm – Smart Microfarms
Algae Food, Feed, Nutirents – Smart Microfarms
Algae Cultivation Facility – Earthrise Nutritionals


NAA Algae Production Workshop

Robert Henrikson, Smart Microfarms, presented “Opportunities in Scalable Algae Microfarms: emerging production, supply chains, products and marketing” at the National Algae Association “Algae Production Networking Workshop” on April 23, 2015 in Richmond California. Collaboration + Innovation = Fast-track Commercialization of the Algae Production Industry.


Spirulina Viva Mexico

In January, Robert Henrikson visited San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and just outside of town, the first spirulina algae microfarm in Mexico – Spirulina Viva. Here Katie and Paco and their sons Kai and Teo live by their greenhouse farm, producing fresh, frozen and dried spirulina and delicious spirulina snacks. They sell direct to local customers and to retail shops in San Miguel and ship product all over Mexico. Check out

Spirulina Viva founders Katie and Paco with son Teo, meeting with Robert at the greenhouse.

Spirulina Viva’s 300 m2 greenhouse outside of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Spirulina Viva fresh spirulina, Teo with green face, spirulina treats.