Apulia Kundi Spirulina Programme

The spirulina “Green Business – Alimenta L’Impresa” programme was presented by Robert Henrikson in Bari, southern Italy, December 3,4,5, 2014 at the agricultural technology institute Laboratori dal Basso, sponsored by Agenzia Regionale per la Technologia e L’innovazione. Streaming video and simultaneous translation attracted a large online audience.

The association Apulia Kundi won a grant in 2012 sponsored by the region of Puglia and set up a spirulina microfarm at a greenhouse on Bari University campus. The team members of Apulia Kundi have been growing, harvesting and transforming spirulina into local foods like the green tagliatella below. This is the first spirulina farm in southern Italy. The next step is to set up a larger commercial spirulina farm.

Apulia Kundi 1
Apulia Kundi classroom, team, spirulina microfarm and fresh tagliatella pasta with spirulina.
Apulia Kundi 2

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